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snaggly task tracking app

Simple Layout

Easy to Use

Build your Team

Manage Workload

Assign Tasks

Maximise Efficiency

Track Progress

Save Time

Snaggly is a simple task tracking app.

Visual Task Tracking – Teams choose Snaggly when spreadsheets, SMS messaging and printouts aren’t enough. You need a simple way to keep tabs on your projects, record tasks and track their completion by your team. Enter the Snaggly!


Work your way. Plan ahead, set priorities and track projects visually from start to finish. Create and delegate to-dos from anywhere. View tasks on the calendar or organize and manage team workloads using task lists. The best project management software.
visual task tracking

Manage your Team

Save yourself work, time and money by letting Snaggly keep a track of your team, tasks and projects.

  • Invite your Team Members
  • Create Projects and Tasks
  • Assign Tasks to your Team
  • Track Progress

Project Management made Simple.

With all your projects and tasks visually represented in one place, everything is clear for everyone. Your team know what they are doing with easy scheduling and tracking. Save time and money with Snaggly‘s fully-automated task-tracking.

Task Progress
Team Efficiency

Made for Mobile

No matter what mobile device you use in the office or in the field, Snaggly has you covered. Designed with mobile in mind, we’re with you wherever you go. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile or Watch – it’s easy with Snaggly‘s simple visual task tracking.



iOS or OSX, the creators of Snaggly love Apple products! MacBook, iPad and iPhone – Snaggly works exquisitely on them all! Whatever device you prefer to use, you can be confident Snaggly is 100% compatible and ready to meet every challenge head-on – it’s like having an extra team member!

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Easy Peasy

Manage your team, your projects and your jobs easily and visually with Snaggly. No need to be a whizz-kid, our apps are designed to be super-intuitive and easy to use and proven in the field by thousands of happy users!

Amazing App! I've worked with loads of tools to manage jobs, manage a team, track tasks and complete audits. Snaggly does all of it! Faster, Cheaper, Easier... Awesome!

A. Colley
- Co-Founder.
Solihull, UK

Snaggly is the perfect solution for any kind of business. I discovered it while searching for a way to track customer contacts, returns and refunds for my Amazon store. It has saved me countless hours and loads of money!

K. Bland
- Director
Shropshire, UK

It’s never been easier to manage a team and track multiple complex projects from my phone. Snaggly is a real discovery for me. With all the time it saves me travelling to the ​site to check job completion, I’ve got a perfect result!

K. Rawny
- Chief Exec.
London, UK

Straight forward pricing

Download Snaggly for FREE. Use it completely FREE as a team member. To unlock all features, pick your tier below.


£10/per month
10 Team Members
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Team Management
Task Scheduling
Multiple Teams
PDF Export


£20/per month
30 Team Members
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Team Management
Task Scheduling
Multiple Teams
PDF Export


£50/per month
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Tasks
Team Management
Task Scheduling
Multiple Teams
PDF Export

Download Snaggly FREE now!

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